Abepura Prison Runs Rp 638 Million Debts for Prisoners’ Meal Cost

Abepura Prison - Jubi
Abepura Prison – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Abepura Prison Authority of Jayapura Municipality said they still owe Rp 638 million in catering expenses to third parties since 2014.

“In fact, the increasing number of prisoners would impact to increasing of the meal cost. We still owe Rp 349 million to third party for meal cost in 2014,” the head of Abepura Prison Bagus Kurniawan said.

The previous debt in 2013 amounted Rp 348 million just paid in 2015. I have the information said the debt in 2014 could not yet settled in 2015 or 2016,” Bagus said on Tuesday (9/6/2015).

He urged the police to be more selective in handling criminal cases. If not, it could be a burden for prison authority in term of meal cost and prisoners.
“We expect the police could be more selective on light cases. Hold the process of named suspect because it would be a burden for prison authority in term of meal cost. For example, for the case of street fighting, it would better to resolve it though informal and kinship bonding. Do not take it to the court, because the prison has limitation in budget,” he said.

Meanwhile, the member of Commission I of Papua Legislative Council for Politic, Government, Legal and Human Right Affairs, H. Syamsunar Rasyid said the police must be smart in dealing with different cases. He said if the case was only the light violation, it could be informally resolved instead of taking to the court.

“The law obviously must be enforced, but for the light cases, I think it could be tolerated. Do not let it be a burden for prisons, such as Abepura Prison that until now still have debts for meal cost for the prisoners,” said Rasyid. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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