Jayapura, 8/1 (Jubi) – Chairman of Persipura, Benhur Tommy Mano, recognized 27 players that officially under the contract of Management of Persipura Jayapura.

In the event of local government and Persipura Tuesday night (7/1), Mano briefly answered “Yes”, when being asked by the reporters about the 27 names mentioned to be contracted by Management of Persipura.

Further he added that the launching of Persipura would be possibly to be conducted together with the opening of the Inter Island Cup in Mandala Stadium for cost saving. “I will talk to the management tonight about the possibility to launch the Persipura in line with the opening of the inter island, so people and fans can watch it. Instead we’ll have to invite the dangdut singers. It would be very costly, we must be prudent,” said Mano.

The coach of Persipura Jayapura, Jacksen F Tiago, reemphasize that he has enough players, though there is still remaining quote of foreign players. “I think it’s enough, I want to focus on the local players,” he said about the remaining quote of foreign players.

Here the following names of 27 players of Persipura Jayapura : Boaz Solosa, Imanuel Wanggai, Lukas Mandowen,Young Jai Hun, Fandri Imbiri, Ferdiansyah, Dede Sulaiman, Eneko Bahabol, Bio Paulin Piere, Yohanis Choi, Andri Ibo, Ruben Sanadi, Yustinus Pae, Ishak wanggai,Daniel Tata, Yan Luis Kabes,Gerard Pangkali, Lim Jung Shi, Dominggus fakdawer, Jaelani Arbi Sibi, Fery Pahabol, Riky Kayame, Lukas Mandowen,Titus Bonay ,Edy Foday Bokai, Nelson Alom ,Moh Tahir, dan Yudi Mambrasar. (Jubi/Sindung/P. Maizier)

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