Isn’t Persipura part of Indonesia Clubs?

Persipura FC (Jubi)
Persipura FC (Jubi)
Persipura FC Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi- It was a bizarre incident. There had been no problems before concerning the arrival of foreign clubs in Papua. But last week Pahang FA club were forced to cancel a match with Persipura Jayapura because their four foreign players were denied visas to enter Indonesia.

Consequently, the Pahang FA players were stuck at Soekarno Hatta airport despite a promise they would get visa arrival visa for them.

Rocky Bebena, general secretary of Persipura, said BOPI (the Professional Sports Agency of Indonesia ) has sent a letter to sponsor visas fro the Pahang FA players, but it lack a number and signature of its chairman.

He wondered why the four foreign players were stuck at Soekarno Hatta airport when the recommendation has been delivered.
“Why were they detained at the airport? Persib team has no problem administratively, while Persipura has. What is going on? Is Persipura team is not an Indonesian club?” he told Jubi on Sunday (05/24/2015).

He said Pahang FC team decided to go back and only Manager and Media Officer of Pahang FA are still in Jayapura to do technical meeting in Mandala on Monday (05/24/2015). While the staff of Organization of Professional Sports Agency of Indonesia (BOPI) Rubby Saputra said it has done a good communication with Persib Bandung and Persipura.

According to him, Persib sent a letter of application to the issuance of visas for guest club to BOPI on Friday (22/52015) at 14.00 pm and followed by Persipura at 16.00.WIB (West Indonesia time).

Rocky Bebena said he has communicated with the BOPI (Rubby Saputra) via telephone and texted message.
“The letter immediately forwarded to the Head of BOPI and immediately given his consent, because it involves a commitment of Youth and Sport Minister in supporting Persib and Persipura team in the AFC Cup,” he said.

Furthermore, on Saturday afternoon (05/23/2015), a letter of recommendation for Persib and Persipura has been signed by head of BOPI. Then it was scanned and emailed Persib and Persipura (email: on Saturday (23/05/2015) at 13:58 WIB. It turned out there was no number of letter and signature in attached file.

Then there was the confirmation from Yudiana ( Persib official)which stated that there was no signature on the letter of recommendation for Persipura and asked resubmitted.

Rubby as the BOPI immediately re-sent an email at 15:01 WIB. According to him, the letter of recommendation has been sent and the next procedure was the duty and responsibility of Persipura management.

BOPI and Youth and Sport Minister have provided support and approval through Recommendation Letter provided. Pahang squad eventually chose to leave on Sunday (05/24/2015) and arrived at their base in Kuantan after four foreign players were rejected to enter Indonesia by Indonesian immigration at Soekarno-Hatta.

Brian Johnson, manager of the 2015 AFC Cup Competition wrote to the PSSI said it was very serious in the issuance of tourist visas to Pahang FA and the lack of response from the PSSI and Persipura. “Please remind clubs that participated that there will be adverse consequences that fall into the category of disciplinary or sanction because failed to give a visa to the club away, ” Brian Johnson warned manager of to PSSI secretary general, Azwan Karim.

He said that in order to avoid all of that, it hoped that the PSSI can resolve this problem immediately and ensure that all relevant rules of the away club visits according to regulations of the AFC Cup competition in 2015. Unfortunately, until now there has been no official explanation of the PSSI, related to the failure of four foreign players into the Indonesia. (Dominggus Mampioper)

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