Meepago Customary Council suggest resolving problems in Dogiyai through negotiations

Meepago Customary Council
Police officers are collecting data on the Dogiyai incident, Saturday (12/11) and Sunday (13/11/2022) - Ist

Enarotali, Jubi – Chaos still occurred in the Moanemani area, Dogiyai Regency since Saturday, November 12, 2022, triggered by a truck accident that killed Jefri Tebai (4). The event was followed by arson, blockade and shooting.

“Why it happened or where the problem lies are not clearly conveyed, leading to the chaos as the community protest against this terrible accident,” said chairman of the Meepago Customary Council Oktovianus Pekei to Jubi on Monday.

The people burned several houses. There was also physical violence and shooting that resulted in the loss of lives.

Responding to this incident, the Meepago Customary Council asked all parties to prioritize human values. “Human lives are irreplaceable,” said Pekei.

“We demand all parties to stop violence to restore security and the community can return to their activities as usual,” he added.

Oktovianus Pekei said the problems must be resolved peacefully through negotiation and compromise, as well as building a joint commitment towards a safe and peaceful Dogiyai.

It is hoped that drivers of both four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles will reduce speed in the community neighborhood to avoid traffic accidents.

“Our people in the mountainous region are now just adapting to the post-regional expansion city atmosphere. Therefore, many of them still do not understand traffic lanes,” he said.

Oktavianus Pekei hoped that the Dogiyai Council (DPRD) could facilitate the conflicting parties in a meeting to express their respective opinions. (*)

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