Manager of Persipura Football Club, Rudi Maswi (Jubi)
Manager of Persipura Football Club, Rudi Maswi (Jubi)
Manager of Persipura Football Club Rudi Maswi Jubi

Jayapura , 8/1 ( Jubi ) – Persipura’s Manager, Rudi Maswi confirmed that Persipura’s management will recruit more local players to fill up 3 empty spaces of players .

” I think enough , we will contract there local players from the U21 of Internal match results, ” said Rudi maswi to, Tuesday night ( 7/1 ).

Although the addition player is the prerogative of the coach but as a manager, he believes coaches also agreed to recruit local players in order to fill up the rest.

In line with Rudi maswi, Chairman of Persipura, Benhur Tommy Mano asserted that the ranks of the Black Pearl squad for ISL year 2013-2014, will focus more on existed local players .
” Mostly we recruit Papuan’s players- 21 years old. This team has been representing from coastal and mountainous area but also from out side of Papua. All are complete in here to advance and defend the Land of Papua, “said Mano.

Meanwhile, Jacksen F Tiago asked for Papuan’s people prayers be always with Persipura , that now has new face and new playing style .
” This is my hope, I hope that I can do something that can surprise our opponents. ” said Jacksen . (Jubi / Sindung/Tina)

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