Rev. Martinus Iyai escorts three victims of Dogiyai clash to Dogiyai Police

Pastor Martinus Iyai and the community accompanied three residents to the Dogiyai Police Headquarters on Thursday (17/11/2022). - IST

Jayapura, Jubi – Rev. Martinus Iyai along with the community escorted three residents of Kamuu District to the Dogiyai Police Headquarters, Central Papua Province. The three were Sugeng Rianto (38), Slamet Triadi (51) and Dwi Purnomo (35).

All three chose to flee to a resident’s house when the mob rampage occurred on November 12, 2022. Dogiyai Police chief Sr. Come. Samuel D Tatiratu expressed his gratitude to Rev. Martinus Iyai and the residents who kept Sugeng, Slamet and Dwi safe.

“I thank the community for their cooperation in helping the police officers secure the victims,” Tatiratu said in a written statement received by Jubi on Thursday, November 17.

Tatiratu said his party would provide full protection to victims and other communities. He asked the entire community to maintain a conducive situation.

“Ahead of Christmas and the new year of 2023, let us maintain security and public order, and not be provoked or divided,” he said.

On Saturday and Sunday last week, a mass rampage occurred in Dogiyai Regency, triggered by the anger of residents who saw a truck accident that killed a child. Angry residents attacked a number of people and burned dozens of buildings such as houses, kiosks, and government buildings.

In the series of events, at least one resident was reported dead and some other residents were reported missing. (*)


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