157,427 People Sign Petition Supporting West Papua for MSG

Flags of MSG countries (Jubi)
Flags of MSG countries (Jubi)
Flags of MSG countries (Jubi)

Jayapura, Jubi – Ahead to Melanesia Spearhead Group (MSG) in Solomon Islands, the support and enthusiasm of West Papuan people toward ULMWP as representation of nation unity are very clear. People’s awareness on ULMWP is very strong and positive. Many activities were held to support the ULMWP open campaign. These activities indicated the supports of Papuan people to the process of struggle on Free Papua.

Central West Papua National Committee, Bazoka Logo said the West Papuan people awareness to support ULMWP has come true through spontaneous support during the socialization of ULMWP since the early of April to June 2015.

“The enthusiasm of indigenous Papuans is clear and real. Within two months, they supported ULMWP through petition, peace demonstration, prayer and fasting as well as other moral supports that are real and pure,” Bazoka Loga told reporters in Waena, Jayapura on Tuesday (16/6).

He said the petition to support ULMWP has exceeded the votes on Pepera (People’s Vote) in 1969. Whereas Indonesia often said Papuans who asked for Independence, but KNPB said it’s not true. The reality is the Papua’s nation want to separate from the Republic of Indonesia and want self-determination through international mechanism.

“The petition of Papuan people is coming from many individuals, namely academics, religious leaders, customary leaders, youth leaders, women leaders, student organizations, opponent organizations, village chiefs, civil servants, construction workers, company workers, cargo workers, street traders and all West Papuan people. The number reaches 157,427 (one hundred fifty seven thousand and four hundred twenty seven) votes,” Logo said.

According to him, those who support ULMWP through petition are indigenous Papuans and partisans in Papua, from Sorong to Merauke. “So, the petition to support Free Papua has been come true and it exceeded the votes in 1969 that only had 1025 votes at that time,” he said.

The Secretary General of Central KNPB, Onesh Suhuniap said KNPB called on Papuan people to be optimistic to support ULMWP towards MSG Summit. “We will mediate Papuan people. KNOB will support the process of MSG Summit in Solomon Islands. We support them through collective prayer and fasting that will be held on 21, 22 and 23 June 2015 in the entire Regional People’s Parliament and KNPB secretariat and open spaces in West Papua,” said Suhuniap. (Abeth You/rom)

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