Bintuni Bay resident allegedly arrested by police

Bintuni Bay
Spokesperson for the Papua Peace Network, Cristian Yan Warinussy. - Doc. Personal

Jayapura, Jubi – Director of the Manokwari Legal Aid Research, Assessment and Development Institute (LP3BH Manokwari) Cristian Yan Warinussy said he received a report saying a civilian from Bintuni Bay Regency named Yunus Orocomma, 30, was arrested by police on Sunday, October 16, 2022.

According to Warinussy, Yunus Orocomna was a staff in the West Moskona District. Orocomna was arrested while on his way from Inokra Village to Bintuni City to complete his document of appointment as Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS).

“The family is confused because he went to the city to complete the file for his appointment as CPNS but on the way, he met members from Bintuni Bay Police then they immediately arrested him,” Warinussy said.

Warinussy said his party was trying to confirm Orocomna’s arrest with the Bintuni Bay Police but no information was conveyed so far. He suspected that Yunus was still being held there. “I contacted one of the officers and he said there was no information yet. He promised to give information,” said Warinussy.

He also forwarded to Jubi a video testimony from Hendrika Kutanggas, Yunus Orocomna’s wife. In the video, Hendrika Kutanggas testified that her husband was arrested while carrying her on a motorcycle from Inokra Village to the city. On the way, Yunus and Hendrika were followed by a white car.

“Orocomna said, ‘Why is this car chasing us?’ The people in the car immediately held us. A policeman I recognized as Rolan said, ‘Get in the car already’. But my husband said, ‘Why should I? I want to eat with my wife,” Kutanggas said in the video.

“I asked my husband, ‘why are they arresting you?’. He did not answer and Rolan said ‘Go up first’. Another police held the motorcycle. They loaded me and my husband into the car and took us to the police station,” she said.

A few minutes later, the policemen dropped off Orocomna and Kutanggas. However, the policemen took away the Rp 3.5 million Orocomna was carrying, as well as two of his cell phones.

“When I got off with my husband, the policemen asked him something then my husband gave them the money from his bag. They took all his money, all Rp 3.5 million of it, and two cell phones,” Kutanggas said in his video testimony.

The police then ordered Yunus Orocomna and Hendrika Kutanggas to get into a car again and took them to the police station. Upon arriving at the police station, Orocomna was taken out of the car, while Kutanggas was told to stay in the car.

“They took my husband and tortured him. I remained seated and thought to myself, ‘Why do they take him inside and hit him? Why do they hit my husband? What did he do wrong that he got hit?’ They hid me inside [the car],” she said.

Kutanggas managed to get out of the car to buy some food. However, she was ordered by the police to cover her face with a jacket.

“They took me to the front of the station to buy food. The police told me to cover my face with a jacket. I wondered why. One person ran toward me and told me to get back inside but then he covered my face with my jacket,” Kutanggas recounted the incident.

Kutanggas said a policeman asked her to wait. She asked why the police arrested her husband. “The policeman said, ‘You wait here, we just take him for a while’. I asked them, ‘Where are you taking him? Are you going to shoot him? If so, just shoot me already’. But they replied with, ‘No, we just take him for a while’,” Kutanggas said, repeating the words of the policeman guarding her.

While Kutanggas was waiting for her husband, another policeman came to her. According to Kutanggas, the policeman told her that her husband had been shot dead. The policeman also told Kutanggas to go home and find a new husband.

“This person threatened me, he was holding a stone and making a gesture to throw it at me. I said, ‘Throw it to my face!’,” Kutanggas said in his video testimony.

Jubi has attempted to contact Bintuni Bay Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Junov Siregar to ask about the arrest of Yunus Orocomna and verify Kutanggas’ testimony in the video. However, until this news was published, we have yet to get any response. (*)

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