EG not yet named suspect in Yahukimo plane shooting case

Head of Papua Police Public Relations, Kombes Ingnatius Benny Ady Prabowo. - Jubi/Dok

Jayapura, Jubi – As of Tuesday, March 14, 2023, the Yahukimo Police has yet to name EG (23) suspect in the shooting of a Trigana Air plane despite him having been detained for four days, or since the day the shooting occurred.

Spokesperson of Papua Police Sr. Comr. Ignatirus Benny Ady Prabowo said on Tuesday that EG was still undergoing in-depth examination to reveal the role of the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) in the shooting of the Trigana Air plane type B 373-500 at Nop Goliat Dekai Airport, Yahukimo on March 11.

“While still in examination, EG has not been named as a suspect or anything else,” Benny said.

When asked about the length for EG’s examination, which has exceeded 1 x 24 hours, Benny explained that his party had special provisions for handling acts of terror such as the shooting of a plane.

On Saturday, a Trigana Air plane with call sign PK-YSC was shot four times while landing, and shot five times while taking off from Nop Goliat Dekai Airport. Police then announced the arrest of seven suspects, with evidence in the form of three motorcycles, one bow, one arrow, one knife, one sickle, and one bayonet.

On Monday, police announced that six of seven people arrested on Saturday had been released, as they were deemed to have no connection to the plane shooting. However, police are still detaining EG for further questioning. (*)

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