Steve Waramori (Jubi)
Steve Waramori (Jubi)
Steve Waramori Jubi

Jayapura 26/3 (Jubi) – Noted lawyer Steve Waramori urged Papua Governor Lukas Enembe not to intervene in a corruption case that implicates two provincial officials DW and JW.

“The government  told the media said that it is a duty of the law enforcement and he (governor) could not intervene. But why is he  intervening in this case. The governor must keep his promises and not be wishy washy,” Waramori said on Tuesday (25/3).

Waramori urged the provincial persecutors’ office to be firm in dealing with corruption suspects.
“The persecutors have full authority to conduct an investigation,” he said.

Earlier, Enembe denied that DW and JW had refused to be questioned after the Papua chief prosecutor summonsed DW and JW on Thursday (13/3) as suspects in a corruption case surrounding the alleged misuse of Rp 3 billion in Lanny Jaya election funds in 2011 .
“That’s not true. How come they have become suspects while they have not been examined yet?” Enembe said earlier this month.

He said he would ask  DW and JW to explain the matter.
“I just inaugurated the officials and to name them as suspects without an investigation is wrong,” Enembe said.

The use of funds by the two officials was appropriate because they had followed the procedure, he said. (Jubi / Indrayadi TH/ Tina)


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