Govt must establish KKR and Human Rights Court in Papua: MRP

Chairman of the Papuan DPR, Jhony Banua Rouw, together with Deputy Chair 1 of the MRP, Yoel Luiz Start. - Jubi/Islami

Jayapura, Jubi – First deputy of the Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP) Yoel Mulait asked the central government to immediately establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (KKR) and a Human Rights Court in Papua. Mulait reminded the government that the establishment of the KKR is mandated by Papua Special Autonomy Law No. 21/2001.

Even though the law has been amended to Law No. 2/2021, Mulait said, the new law did not change the provisions of Article 45 stipulating the KKR, thus, the central government was still obliged to establish a KKR and a Human Rights Court in Papua.

“Other than fulfilling the mandate of the law, the formation of the commission and Human Rights Court can also provide a sense of justice for indigenous Papuans after various forms of human rights violations that occurred,” he told Jubi on Thursday, September 8, 2022.

Mulait said that the KKR Bill must be based on the aspirations of Papuans from various elements. If the central government made its own KKR Bill and excluded the people from the deliberation, Mulait feared it would lead to a prolonged controversy.

“Because the establishment of the KKR and the Human Rights Court is to resolve various human rights violations in Papua, such as the Bloody Wamena, Bloody Paniai, Bloody Wasior, Bloody Biak, and many more,” Mulait said.

He said that human rights violations in Wamena, Abepura, Paniai, Wasior, and Biak had been investigated by the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) but there were still shortcomings in reaching a solid resolution. “In the Bloody Paniai case, for example, the government has made a bold move in pushing for its trial but failed to name the true perpetrators as they only managed to name one suspect in the case,” said the MRP deputy.

Mulait said the establishment of a KKR and a Human Rights Court at the Jayapura District Court could mean support from the state to the families of victims of human rights violations.

“Because the sense of justice must be fulfilled. If there is no sense of justice, the Papuan people will continue to live in prolonged trauma. The central government must fulfill the mandate of the Papua Special Autonomy Law,” said Mulait. (*)

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