Persipura’s Imanuel Wanggai Signs with Carsae FC in Timor Leste

Imanuel Wanggai (red and black) - Jubi
Imanuel Wanggai (red and black) - Jubi
Imanuel Wanggai (red and black) – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Persipura allowed Imanuel Wanggai to join Timor Leste’s first division club Carsae FC but insisted that he would  return to the Papuan club when competition in Indonesia starts again.

“He will travel to Dili on February 12th  and will start the competition on February 25,” said Persipura media officer Bento Madubun in Jayapura on Thursday (11/2/2016).

He added this opportunity will also be used to promote Papuan players in order to pursue a career in Timor Leste.

Imanuel Wanggai was a second recruitment who came from Indonesia, after Oktovianus Maniani.
“Yes, Imanuel Wanggai has officially left Persipura Jayapura,” said Benhur Tommy Mano as chairman of Persipura, quoted from Antara

Due to no clarity of a tournament in the country, Titus Bonai, Patrick Wanggai, Okto Maniani and some Indonesian players prefer to join overseas clubs to increase their income.

Benhur Tommy Mano said that he does not prohibit Persipura player to play in another club as long as reported.
“It’s no problem because there is no competition or tournament held in this country. We also understand that they have family that need to be supported financially, “he added.

He also urged Persipura players to seek his fortune in another club as long as  the club could guarantee their rights as a professional football player.

While, Persipura Jayapura manager, Rudy Maswi said it has also been told by Imanuel Wanggai that he would play in Timor Leste. ”  Persipura Jayapura chairman himself who signed the release of professional players, and the letter may be issued by tomorrow.  So there is no problem, “he said.

From the information gathered, the registration of players in professional leagues Timor Lesta will be closed on February 20, 2016.

Regarding to Cristofer Sibi who resigned to Semen Padang, Rudy maswi said it had heard the news but no formal submission of the players. “The news we’ve heard, but there has been no submission from the player to us. If we are informed then we will help to facilitate the processing of the release of a professional player, “he said. (Roy Ratumakin/Dominggus Mampioper/Tina)

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