Sole defendant in Bloody Paniai trial sought 10 years in prison

Bloody Paniai
Major Inf (Purn) Isak Sattu. sitting before a judge in the case of alleged gross violations of Human Rights (HAM) by the Bloody Paniai at the Makassar Court on Monday (14/11/2022). Eko Rusdianto's photo for Jubi

Makassar, Jubi – The Public Prosecutor in the alleged gross human rights violations of Bloody Paniai at the Makassar Court on Monday, November 14, 2022, demanded 10 years of imprisonment against the sole defendant in the case, Maj. Inf. (Ret.) Isak Sattu.

In the indictment, the prosecutor stated that Isak Sattu had been found guilty of committing a crime against humanity.

There were three things that were considered by the prosecutor as aggravating the charges:

  1. Isak Sattu’s ignorance of the beating incident on December 7, 2014, led the community to take to the street on December 8, 2014;

  2. Isak Sattu did not coordinate with the police in handling the masses that caused severe damage to office facilities such as the Enarotali Military Rayon Command (Koramil) and the East Paniai Police;

  3. Isak Sattu’s inability to control members of the TNI at Eranotali Koramil during the protest at Karel Gobay Field on December 8, 2014, resulted in four casualties and ten people injured.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor’s considerations in mitigating the charges were as follows:

  1. The defendant had never violated the law;

  2. During the trial, Isak Sattu was cooperative;

  3. Isak Sattu did not give convoluted testimony;

  4. Isak Sattu has served as a TNI member for 37 years and has never received military punishment or discipline;

  5. As a member of the TNI, Isak Sattu has received the Satya Lencana honor;

  6. During retirement, Isak Sattu serves as a religious minister in the church.

  7. Isak Sattu has a family.

  8. Isak Sattu is old.

  9. According to witness testimony, the government has provided compensation assistance of IDR 300 million (USD 19,200) to the victim’s family.

The hearing to read the charges began at 10:30 a.m. Makassar time and ended at 12:30 p.m.

Isak Sattu expressed his disappointment with the verdict. He regretted that the trial only examined him as a sole defendant despite many witnesses presented. “At the time of the incident, there were police and the Paskhas (Rapid Action Force Command). Why aren’t they also tried?” he said.

Chief judge Sutisna Sawati said the defendant through his legal counsel could have his defense.

Isak Sattu’s lawyer Ahmad Kawakiby considered the charges against his client were made hastily and without careful consideration. He deemed the prosecutor has never explained clearly the elements of gross human rights violations charged against Isak Sattu.

“We have prepared the defense. Next week we will present it in front of the panel of judges,” said Ahmad Kawakiby.

The next hearing for the Bloody Paniai case will be on Monday, November 21, 2022, with the agenda to read the defendant’s defense. (*)

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