Cenderawasih University celebrates inauguration of new professors, currently has 28 professors

Cenderawasih University
Rector of Universitas Cenderawasih, Dr. Oscar Oswald O Wambrauw SE MSc Agr. - Jubi/Theo Kelen

Jayapura, Jubi – Dr. Oscar Oswald O Wambrauw SE MSc Agr, the rector of Cenderawasih University, announced that the campus currently boasts 28 professors. Wambrauw made this announcement during the inauguration ceremony of professors at Cenderawasih University in Jayapura City on Monday (3/19/2024).

Two lecturers from Cenderawasih University who were inaugurated as professors are Prof. Dr. Vince Tebay SSos MSi and Prof. Dr. Jonner Nainggolan Msi. “Today, we are inaugurating two professors, bringing our total count to 28 professors,” he said.

Wambrauw mentioned that these professors are distributed across various faculties: Faculty of Economics and Business (8), Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (6), Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (5), Faculty of Law (3), Faculty of Sports Sciences (4), and Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (2).

“In fact, Cenderawasih University has 38 professors, seven of whom have passed away, and three have retired. Currently, 28 are active. Several faculties still lack professors, namely the Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Engineering,” he added.

Wambrauw emphasized that the presence of professors signifies the credibility and progress of the university, contributing to the quality of education and enhancing the university’s management. Additionally, having professors can expedite the accreditation process of study programs.

“The presence of professors will expedite the accreditation process. Out of 88 study programs, around 65 have received ‘Excellent’ accreditation,” he stated.

Furthermore, Wambrauw highlighted that professors play an active role in making Cenderawasih University a center of scientific and intellectual excellence. He also noted that their presence serve as inspiration for other lecturers to pursue higher academic achievements.

“Until now, we have facilitated 36 lecturers who are in the process of preparing to accelerate their journey towards becoming professors. By the end of this year, we could reach 50 professors. The increase in the number of professors proves that we are increasingly ready to implement Cenderawasih University as a Public Service State University,” he remarked.

Prof. Dr. Balthasar Kambuaya MBA, the Chairman of the Senate of Cenderawasih University, stated that as part of its development master plan, the university aims to become a research university. He emphasized the need for strong and qualified lecturers to achieve this goal. “We need many professors, doctors, and masters for this university to become a research university,” he said.

Kambuaya acknowledged the challenging journey to becoming a professor, requiring significant resources, effort, thought, and time. He urged professors to make tangible contributions to the community and Cenderawasih University. “All lecturers should aspire to become professors,” he concluded. (*)

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