House Legislative Body endorses Southwest Papua Province Bill

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Jakarta, Jubi TV– The bill on the Establishment of the Southwest Papua Province has secured an endorsement from the House of Representatives Legislative Body (Baleg) on Monday, May 30, 2022.

According to Baleg Deputy Chairman Achmad Baidowi, after hearing the views of nine factions, eight factions agreed. Meanwhile, one faction (the Democratic Party Faction) requested that the bill be returned to the proposer to be refined again.

Deputy Chairman of Commission II overseeing home affairs Syamsurizal said that initially, Commission II proposed three bills for harmonization in the Baleg, namely the Papua Province Bill, the West Papua Province Bill, and the Southwest Papua Province Bill.

“However, after an in-depth study and looking at previous experience, when establishing a new province, we do not need to make changes to the law on the main province,” he said, as quoted by Antara.

He mentioned the formation of North Maluku Province, for example, wherein the Law on Maluku Province was not changed. It was the same with the establishment of Bangka Belitung Province, wherein the Law on South Sumatra was not changed.

Therefore, according to him, Commission II proposed that the Papua Province and West Papua Province Laws need no revision. “The Commission II considers that there is no need to revise the Law on Papua Province and West Papua Province. We propose harmonization of the Southwest Papua Bill only,” he said.

After the harmonization process is completed at the Baleg, lawmakers are expected to approve the Southwest Papua Province Bill as a House of Representatives initiative in its upcoming plenary session. (*)

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