Jayapura Regency Education Office prioritizes teacher availability and program services for quality education

quality education
Acting Head of the Jayapura Regency Education Office, Eqhberth Kopeuw, when receiving a proposed regulation that was pushed to become a Perbup. - Jubi/Engel Wally

Sentani, Jubi – The Jayapura Regency Education Office has a primary focus on education program services, ensuring the availability of teachers, and supporting the necessary facilities to facilitate the smooth execution of all educational programs and services within the region.

Eqhberth Kopeuw, the Acting Head of the Jayapura Regency Education Office, disclosed that each educational unit consists of numerous teachers, including those with ASN (state civil apparatus) status, contract teachers, and administrators (tendik), amounting to a total of 4,407 individuals. These include 3,492 teachers, 912 administrators, and 536 contract teachers.

Kopeuw further pointed out that in addition to teacher availability, there are various educational programs implemented in each educational unit, encompassing initiatives such as training for educators and self-guided learning. This also includes non-formal schooling alternatives.

To ensure the smooth operation of regional education programs and services, the Education Office, in collaboration with the Papua Education Quality Assurance Agency (BPMP), has entered into a cooperative agreement. The objective of this collaboration is to establish two educational regulations in the area, which will become regional and regent regulations, serving as the foundation for governing the entire implementation of regional educational programs and services.

Kopeuw expressed optimism that these two regulations, which pertain to preventing and addressing school violence and enhancing the quality of education through self-guided learning policies, will be realized in the near future.

Regarding the allocation of teachers, tenders, and contract teachers, Kopeuw provided a breakdown according to the various levels of education. In preschool and kindergarten education units, there are 912 teachers, while elementary schools have 1,522 teachers and 136 administrators. Junior high schools employ 908 teachers and 102 administrators, high schools have 467 teachers and 336 administrators, and vocational schools have 259 teachers and 35 administrators.

Furthermore, there are 292 contract teachers in elementary schools, 164 in junior high schools, and 80 in senior high schools. The financing for these individuals is sourced from APBD (Regional Budget) and Otsus (Special Autonomy) funds. (*)

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