Jayapura tourism head urges indigenous people not to sell land

indigenous people
Head of the Jayapura City Tourism Office, Mathias B Mano. - Jubi/Ramah

Jayapura, Jubi – Head of Jayapura City Tourism Agency Mathias B Mano asks indigenous people not to sell land, especially along the Holtekamp beach in Muara Tami District.

“Instead, just rent the land. That way, future management can also be utilized by the children and grandchildren to improve the economy,” said Mathias Mano on Monday, September 19, 2022.

Along with the increasing development in the city area, people are competing to find land in the Muara Tami District area as a place to live and also to do business.

“But if the land is sold now, the children and grandchildren will only be spectators. This should not happen to them. If indigenous peoples own the land, it can improve the economy of indigenous peoples,” he said.

Mano said many people were currently selling their land. Therefore, it is now necessary to strengthen the management of natural resources through tourism training.

indigenous people
Youtefa Bridge in Jayapura City, Papua. – Jubi/Ramah

In addition, Mano asked the community to continue to enrich knowledge in the management of beach tourism so that the land owned is beneficial for the family.

“We always prioritize training and mentoring so that indigenous people understand more about managing natural resources, one of which is the beach,” he said.

Mathias Mano hopes that residents will not build permanent facilities on the shoreline so as not to cause abrasion, which will affect many people and the environment.

“Let’s preserve our environment so that nature takes care of us. It takes cooperation from all communities so that we can live calmly, safely, and comfortably,” he said. (*)

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