Municipal Environment Office promote less plastic movement

Plastic waste – an illustration.
Plastic waste – an illustration.

Jayapura, Jubi – Department of Environment and Hygiene of Jayapura Municipality (DHKL) continues to encourage people to use less plastic through a public campaign and support environmental activities such as waste cleaning movement organised by the community concerned with the environment.

The Head of DHKL Jayapura City, Ketty Kailola, said this action could be regarded as an initial step to minimise the use of plastic. If in previous similar activity, plastic bags often used as garbage container but now it’s no longer used.

“So far, if we conduct a cleaning activity, we always use plastic bags as the waste container, but now it is no longer used,” said Kailola in Jayapura Mayor Office, Wednesday (20/02/19).

According to her, this is a follow-up action towards Mayor Regulation Number 5 of 2019 about plastic waste reduction in Jayapura City. Furthermore, she explained that the purpose of the regulation is to anticipate the negative impact on the environment by plastic waste because it cannot be decomposed easily and pollute the soil, river, and the sea. As a result, it affects the marine biota.

Meanwhile, an environmental activist Albert said that he supports DLHK to reduce the use of plastic bags. Also, He suggested that the government can take another approach such as decreasing the production of plastic goods.

“It should be not only focused on people’s behaviour for not using the plastic bags, but the government also must stipulate another policy, such as pressing the companies to change their management of production. So they don’t use the plastic bags and conduct community-based waste management,” he said. (*)



Reporter: Ramah

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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