Newly elected Timor Leste President Ramos Horta expected to help peacebuilding in Papua

Ramos Horta
Photo illustration, flag of Timor Leste. -

Jayapura, Jubi – Coordinator of the Papuan Observatory for Human Rights (POHR) Thomas Ch. Syufi expressed his hope that Ramos Horta, who recently got re-elected to be the President of Timor Leste on Thursday, April 21, 2022, could help push the Indonesian government to resolve the Papua conflict.

Ramos Horta is a senior Timor Leste politician who has a long track record in international diplomacy to fight for Timor Leste’s independence from Indonesia. Syufi expected Ramos Horta to be able to communicate with figures and diplomats from the United Nations and the Indonesian government regarding peacebuilding in Papua.

“Ramos Horta can encourage the reconciliation of human rights violations and a space for negotiations between the Indonesian government and the Papuan people to achieve a dignified and permanent solution to the conflict in the provinces of Papua and West Papua,” Syufi told Jubi when contacted by telephone on Friday.

Ramos Horta is a moderate leader and winner of the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize, known for his commitment to finding a peaceful solution to the armed conflict in Timor Leste [formerly East Timor], which was then part of Indonesia.

“Horta has 24 years of experience helping to push for a peaceful resolution of the East Timor conflict with Indonesia, as well as being a Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to Guinea-Bissau and other countries in 2013. Indonesia will believe that Ramos-Horta can help Papua,” said Syufi.

He said the Papuan people support the Indonesian government and ASEAN countries to accept Timor Leste as a member of ASEAN.

Syufi further appreciated the Timor Leste Presidential Election that went peaceful, democratic, honest, and dignified. The general election can be a good example of democracy for other countries, including ASEAN member countries.

“Horta is an independence figure and an international figure who can bring Timor Leste forward. We feel that Horta’s victory is a victory for all the people of Timor Leste and the world. He is a great figure who has an international reputation and the credibility and integrity to contribute to global peace,” he said. (*)

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