Three children in Keerom allegedly tortured by TNI with chains, wire, and water hoses

A number of two children victims of abuse allegedly carried out by TNI AD soldiers in Keerom Regency, Bastian Bate (13) and Laurents Kaung (11) were treated at the Emergency Installation of the TNI AD Marten Indey Hospital, Jayapura City, while another victim, Rahmat Paisei (14) treated separately for more serious injuries. - Jubi/Hengky Yeimo

Jayapura, Jubi – Jhon Paisei said that his son, Rahmat Paisei (14) and his two friends, Bastian Bate (13) and Laurents Kaung (11) were tortured using chains, wire reels, and water hoses by members of the Indonesian Military (TNI).

When met by reporters at the Marthen Indey Army Hospital in Jayapura City on Friday evening, October 28, 2022, Jhon Paisei said the persecution occurred at Cartenz Task Force Post in Maleo Street, Yuwanain Village, Arso District, Keerom Regency on Thursday.

The soldiers alleged the children stole a cockatoo at the post and tortured them. “The children were beaten and trampled all over their bodies at the post from 8 to 11:30 a.m.,” said Jhon.

At around 11.30 a.m., a number of soldiers escorted Rahmat, Bastian, and Laurents back to Rahmat’s house.

“We were surprised of seeing them injured and battered. My son Rahmat Paisei was bleeding. His mother and I took him to the Arso City Health Center for treatment,” said Jhon.

After Rahmat was treated, Jhon report the persecution to the Arso Police. The police suggested Jhon report the abuse to the Women and Children Empowerment Office of Keerom as well.

“After reporting to the Women and Children Empowerment Office, we reported the incident to the Keerom Police but they told us to report to the Military Police in Jayapura City,” he said.

“Rahmat’s older sister reported to the Military Police to pick up Rahmat Paisei and his friends in Arso,” said Jhon.

Unexpectedly, after Rahmat returned home, a group of soldiers came to his house again, picked up the children and tortured them again.

“I witnessed it this time. I wanted to help but they pointed a gun at me. They told me to watch from afar and they tortured Rahmat. Rahmat’s mother cried helplessly,” said Jhon.

At that time, Rahmat also screamed in pain, said Jhon. “God, please help me,” Jhon mimicked Rahmat. “The soldiers said, ‘Let’s send you to your God’. At that time, my son’s condition was already helpless, he struggled to breathe,” said Jhon.

“I could not bear to see my child being beaten and kicked by the soldiers. I tried to help my child but the officers kicked my jaw and pointed a gun at me,” he said.

Jhon said at around 9 p.m., the commander of the post came out and asked Jhon why he was at the post. “I said I was the parent of the child they were torturing. While I was saying this, an officer came and hit me on the head,” he said.

The abuse only stopped at around 11:30 p.m. after a number of Military Police from Jayapura City arrived. They took Rahmat, who was badly injured, to the Marthen Indey Army Hospital in Jayapura City.

“If they came late, my son would have died of the persecution by the Cartenz Task Force,” said Jhon.

Jhon said that persecution against his son and the other children showed Indonesia’s color as a colonizer. “It’s as if we’re still in the colonial era. I hope that the perpetrators got sentenced so there is a sense of justice for us. My son Rahmat was beaten to the brink of death,” he said.

Head of Information of XVII/Cenderawasih Military Command Lt. Col. Cav. Herman Taryaman confirmed the persecution at the Cartenz Task Force on Thursday. Taryaman said the Military Police was currently investigating the matter. (*)

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