Treason suspects in Manokwari to face trial in Makassar Court

Lawyer team and three treason suspects - Doc of lawyers

Manokwari, Jubi – Three suspects of treason, Hellezvred Bezaliel Soleman Waropen, Andreas Sanggenafa, and Kostan Karlos Bonai have been handed over by Manokwari Police investigators to the Public Prosecutor of the Manokwari District Attorney’s Office on Thursday, February 16, 2023.

The delegation was written in a letter submitted by the head of the Manokwari District Attorney, Teguh Suhendro, to the head of the Makassar Class I A Penitentiary.

The three were named suspects by the police for allegedly committing treason when holding a commemoration for West Papua’s independence on November 19, 2022 in Ambon Village, West Manokwari District, Manokwari Regency.

“Today we handed over three suspects of treason to the Manokwari District Attorney’s Office,” said Manokwari Police’s head of Criminal Investigation Unit First Insp. Arifal Utama.

The three were detained at the Manokwari Police detention center for 120 days before being handed over.

Head of Intelligence of the Manokwari District Attorney’s Office Ihsan Husni also confirmed the delegation. “The police has handed over the files. The suspects will be tried in Makassar Class 1 A District Court, South Sulawesi, as per the Supreme Court’s decision,” said Ihsan.

Meanwhile, Yan Warinussy, legal counsel of the treason suspects, questioned the delegation of case files. “What is the legal reason that prompted the Manokwari District Attorney’s Office to transfer the case files to be tried in Makassar?” said Yan Warinussy.

According to Yan, his party did not find any fundamental reason or factor that encouraged the transfer of case files. He said a trial in Manokwari would not endanger public order in the city of Manokwari and its surroundings.

“That is why we suspect discrimination and racism behind the scenario to bring our three clients along with their case files to be tried in Makassar,” he said.

Yan asserted that his three clients were ordinary civilians, unarmed, with their families in Manokwari. “Most of them are also over 50 years old. From either law or human rights perspective, it is not fair to take them far from their home only to be tried for alleged actions that have never caused any turmoil in Manokwari and West Papua Province even until today,” he said.

The three suspect were charged with Article 106 jo Article 55 or Article 110 paragraph 2 to 1 jo 106 of the Criminal Code. (*)

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