Jayawijaya Regency involves 126 elementary schools and 70 pre-schools in Baliem language curriculum preparation

Monika Wally, dari pengawas sekolah tingkat kab.Jayawijaya saat menyampaikan materi kurikulum muatan lokal tahun 2022 di gedung tongkonan Wamena. - Jubi/Imma Pelle

Wamena, Jubi – The Jayawijaya Regency Education Agency held training for the preparation of the curriculum for the Baliem language as a local subject in primary education in 2022 in Wamena. The training was held for two days from October 17 to 18, 2022.

Otto Arianto Wibowo, chairman of the organizing committee, said that the training aims to develop the local subject, namely the regional language of Baliem.

“If we don’t preserve it through the curriculum, it will fade over time. Jayawijaya Regency has determined the local language, the Baliem language, as the local subject for this 2022/2023 school year,” he said at the Wamena Tongkonan Building on Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

Elementary school teachers throughout Jayawijaya are provided with training as not all of them are from the Baliem Valley. In fact, many are from outside the region. Therefore, through this training, they are expected to be able to teach local languages to their students.

“We also teach literacy or how to write in the Baliem language, we have duplicated the teaching materials and have distributed them to education units. We train teachers to develop syllabus and lesson plans (RPP) according to the level of education units,” he said.

“In this activity, we involve all schools in Wamena with a total of 126 elementary schools and 70 pre-schools in Wamena. The attendance rate yesterday only reached 80 percent but today, there has been quite an increase,” he said. (*)

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